About Us

At DAMFI, our core values are the guiding principles that define how we function together as a team and how we work towards achieving our business goals. Our values influence the way we interact with our employees, our partners and our shareholders. We strive to build a culture that creates and maintains an enduring and positive environment for everyone we engage with.


We have a strong work ethic and strive to produce high-quality work consistently. We are respectful and honest with one another and with our customers and suppliers. We practice and encourage open communication. We are responsible for our actions and always choose the harder right.

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Team Spirit

Success is interpreted within DAMFI by integrated teamwork. We work on selecting teams very carefully and strongly support their growth and development. We foster training for team building and always recognize and reward team achievement as well as individual achievement.


We are keen on building a culture that encourages continuous learning across all the different work streams within DAMFI. Through classroom training as well as on-the job coaching, we closely monitor and reward our teams’ learning achievements, ensuring that all those who join DAMFI receive the knowledge & training required to perform at their best ability every day.

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At DAMFI, discipline is about creating a culture of accountability in the workplace where every employee should take ownership of their work, doing what’s best for business and always taking responsibility for his or her actions and their outcomes to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of all company operations.


Passion is the drive for hard work and best results. We dedicate a lot of our efforts to encourage our people to work at their best ability each day by designing different programs to get them engaged and involved and to make them feel that they work for their own achievements, this makes them exert their devoted efforts which results in our ultimate success.

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