Our Culture

At DAMFI we have a set of common values and beliefs that ultimately shape our culture. Starting with recruiting and selecting applicants who share our beliefs, then developing training and performance management programs that reinforce our core values and finally ensuring that appropriate rewards and recognition go to employees who truly embody our values.

As a start-up, we realise the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit and encourage all our people to adopt this mindset: critical thinking, initiative and self-reliance, adaptability and flexibility as well as being comfortable with taking risks. This mindset enables us as an organization to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed despite challenges.

Learning and Development

One of our key objectives is to create the right culture and environment for our people to learn and grow. Starting with their onboarding, all our employees embark on a journey of continuous learning with an objective to not only stretch their current capabilities but also to match future capability needs within the organization.

Understanding that learning design and delivery requires a blend of approaches, we have established an in-house academy for learning and development and started boosting learning opportunities using the current mix of skills and qualifications effectively. Furthermore, as part of DAMFI’s corporate social responsibility, we provide annual internship opportunities and a full day of training including specially designed career advising programs.

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