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  1. Prepare cost accounting records. 
  2. Maintains logs and records including pre-paid expenses, depreciation on fixed assets and amortization for insurance reports. 
  3. Assist in Analyzes department gross margin and price variance information, and generates required reports (daily, weekly, period, and yearly). 
  4. Gather and analyzes cost changes and related reports (gross margin and cost savings projects) in products, raw materials, manufacturing to facilitate pricing decisions. 
  5. Collaborating with operations to establish yield standards, and usage standards. 
  6. Responsible to maintain current and accurate information related to costing. 
  7. Checks physical inventory counts against system reports (period and year end) to ensure accurate data. 
  8. Assist analyzing the production and inventory reports, making required period end entries to ensure accuracy and cost effectiveness. 
  9. Collaborates with operations departments to ensure continuity, clarify cost information and to facilitate cost analysis.
  10. Prepares costing sheets for imported products, calculating all costs accrued with shipment. 
  11. Performs other related and assigned duties as necessary.

Minimum QUALIFICATIONS: Education and experience equivalent to:


Bachelor’s degree in commerce or accounting from an accredited college or university.


1 to 3 years’ experience in cost accounting functions. preferrable food industry.

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